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Previous Winners of the Nick Estcourt Award

Each entry is in the following format: Year. Expedition Name. Grant given. Objective. Team members with leader named first. Summary of outcome of expedition

  • 1980 International Dhaulagiri Expedition. £1000. The unclimbed East Face of Dhaulagiri (8167m). Alex MacIntyre, Voytek Kurtyka & Ludwik Wikzynski (Polish), Rene Ghiline (French). All four climbers reached the summit via a major new route established alpine style, without oxygen and in appalling weather: a milestone in high altitude mountaineering.
  • 1981 British Everest Winter Expedition. £1250. Winter ascent of West Ridge without oxygen. Alan Rouse etc. Not successful.
  • 1982 NO GRANT MADE
  • 1983 British Annapurna 3 Expedition. £600 Alpine style ascent of South-East Pillar of Annapurna 3. Nick Kekus, Trevor Pilling, John Tinker, Rob Uttley. Expedition abandoned at 6300m after death of Uttley. Report
  • 1984 British Bojohagur Expedition. £1000. First Ascent of Bojohagur Duonasir (7329m) in Karakorum. Vic Saunders, Mick Fowler, Phil Butler, John English, Mike Morrison, Chris Watts. Reached c6800m in alpine-style push.
  • 1985 Scottish Annapurna 3 Expedition. £1000. East ridge of Annapurna 3 (7555m). Ewan Todd, Willie Todd, Colin Jamieson, Chris Dale. Failed to get established on the route.
  • 1986 British Chogolisa Expedition. £1000. First traverse of twin peaks of Chogolisa (7665m). Andy Fanshawe, Liam Elliott, Hamish Irvine, Ulric Jessop, Simon Lamb. Traverse successfully completed by all expedition Members. Elliott later killed in a cornice collapse during an attempt on Broad Peak by 3 team members. Report
  • 1987 NLMC Spantik Expedition. £1000. First ascent of NW Pillar of Spantik (7027m) The Golden Pillar in Karakorum. Vic Saunders, Mick Fowler, Phil Butler, Bruce Craig, Liz Allen, John English. Major first ascent completed by Saunders and Fowler in poor weather. Report
  • 1988 British Ganesh 3 Expedition. £1000. First ascent of North Face of Ganesh 3 (7132m) in Ganesh Himalaya. Julian Mathias, John Mothersele, Dan Donovan High point of 6100m reached via N & subsequently NE faces. Report
  • 1989 NO GRANT MADE
  • 1990 British Thalay Sagar Expedition. £1000. Unclimbed South Face of Thalay Sagar (6904m) in Garwal Himalaya. Keith Milne, Andy Wingfield, Gordon Scott, Charles French. Reached base of headwall at 6400m. Report.
  • 1990 British Trinity Peak Expedition. £500. First ascent of SE Face of Trinity P Peak (c6800m), Chogolisa Glacier area, Karakorum. Victor Radvils, Mark Miller, Kevin Murphy, Colin Jamieson. Leader dislocated shoulder in serac collapse. Evacuated successfully, but attempt terminated. Report.
  • 1991 British Makrong Chhish Expedition. £1000. First Ascent of peak (6607m) by Hispar Glacier, Karakorum. Steve Hillen, David Tyson, David Lister, Mike Pennington. Reached 6000m via S. Face and E. Ridge. Hillen & Tyson killed descending in avalanche conditions.
  • 1992 British Masherbrum Expedition. £1000. First British ascent of Masherbrum (7821m) via unclimbed East Ridge. David Lewis, Al Dishington, Max Jones. Failed to get Established on the planned route.
  • 1993 British Gasherbrum 4 Expedition. £1000 First ascent of South Ridge of Gasherbrum 4 (7925m) Andy Perkins, Andy Cave, Chris Flewitt, Andy MacNae, Brendan Murphy, Kate Phillips. High point of 7250m reached on ridge by Brendan Murphy, and Kate Phillips.
  • 1994 British Latok North Face Expedition. £1000. First ascent of North Ridge of Latok 1 (7145m) Dave Wills, Brendan Murphy. Reached 5600m in poor conditions before Heavy snowfall and avalanches forced retreat. Report.
  • 1995 British Trango Tower Expedition. £1000. First ascent of North Face of Nameless Tower (Trango Tower). Paul Pritchard, Noel Crane, Adam Wainwright, Andy Cave. Arrived to find prospective new route had just been done by Spanish team. Pritchard and Wainwright made first British ascent of Slovene Route, one of the very few fast, lightweight ascents of the mountain and the second British ascent. Report.
  • 1996 British Makrong Chhish Expedition. £1000. First ascent of peak (6607m) by East Ridge. Hispar Glacier, Karakorum. Simon Yates, Steve Sustad. Expedition plagued by Unseasonably hot weather made route dangerous to complete. Report.
  • 1997 Meru Sharksfin Expedition. £1000. Meru Central (6500m) East Face, The Sharksfin. Owain Jones, Nick Bullock, Jamie Fisher, Julian Cartwright. Attempt ended at 6000m, bottom snowfield big problem. Valiant attempt. Report.
  • 1998 British Sani Pakush Expedition. £1000. The West buttress of Sani Pakush (6885m) the Karakorum. Al Powell, Rich Cross, Andy Benson, Kenton Cool. Despite failing to Summit all returned. Al Powell sent good report. Report
  • 1999 Scottish Latok 3 North Spur Expedition.£1000. First ascent of the N. Spur of Latok 3. (6949m). Muir Morton, Tom Bridgeland, Alasdair Coull, Sam Chinnery, Dan Long, Paul Schweizer. Unsuccessful on North spur, other ascents made including, Biacherahi Tower by NW Ridge, Indian Spur, Hanispur (6047m) by N. Ridge. Report
  • 2000 Millenium Award - WaterAid £3000. Project 2084 Lasargha Village, Syangja, Nepal. To supply an integrated water and sanitation supply to village in mid hills area Of Nepal. One off special award to repay the people of Nepal.
  • 2000 British Arwa Spires Expedition. £1000. First ascent of Arwa Spire (6193m) West Garwhal Himalaya via the East Ridge. Al Powell, Pete Benson, Kenton Cool, Dave Wills, Andy Benson, Ian Parnell. Five team members summitted. Attempts were made at two lines on North Face. Report
  • 2001 Winter Greenland Expedition. £1000. First Ascent of Tupilak (2264m). Al Powell, Jules Cartwright, Jon Morgan, Charles Halstead. Successful attempt by Al Powell and Jon Bracey on N. Face of Tupilak. Jon Morgan and Stan Halstead did new route on S. Face of Rodebjerg. Report
  • 2002 Scottish West Face of Kyzyl Asker Expedition. £1000. West Face of Kyzyl Asker via new route. Esmond Tresidder, Blair Fyffe,Guy Robertson, Neil Crampton. Two Pairs attempted different routes, South East Face and N. Face of Babuchka (butterfly). Unsuccessful due to massive thaw when sun hit face. Report
  • 2003 British Qomo Lhari Expedition 2003. £1000. Changed objective to Mt. Grosvenor (6376m) in Daxue Shan range, Sichuan Province. Julie-Ann Clyma, Roger Paine Successful trip. Qomo Lhari (7341m) Tibet had no access. Report
  • 2004 British Qionglai Expedition 2004. £1000. First ascent of Siguniang NW Face, and Integral ascent of W ridge of Siguniang. Tom Chamberlain, Dave Evans, Dave Hollinger, Andy Sharpe. Report
  • 2005 South East Face of Kyzyl Asker. £1500. To climb the couloir on the SE face of Kyzyl Asker 5842m in the West Kok Shaal Too Range of Kirghizstan. David Hesleden, Jon Bracey, Andy Cave, Adam Wainwright. Report.
  • 2006 British Kedar Dome Expedition. To climb the East North East Buttress of Kedar Dome, 6,831m, in the Gangtori region of the Indian Garwhal. Ian Parnell & Kevin Thaw. Report.
  • 2007 Kalanka North Face. To climb Kalanka's North Face by a new route from the Bagini Glacier. Nick Bullock & Kenton Cool. Report.
  • 2008 UK-Canadian Distaghil Sar Expedition. £1500. To climb a First Ascent of the North Ridge of Distaghil Sar, 7883m. in the Hispar Range of the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan. Dr. Bruce Normand, Peter Thompson, Ben Cheek & Don Bowie. Report.
  • 2009 British Chang Himal North Face Expedition. £1500. To make the first ascent of the 1,500m mixed North Face of Chang Himal, 6500m in the Kangchenjunga region of the Nepali Hmalaya. Andy Housman & Nick Bullock. Report
  • 2010 British Tahu Ratum Expedition. £1,500. To make the first ascent of the NW Ridge - Tahu Ratum (6651m). Luke Hunt, Tom Ripley &Hamish Dunn. Report.
  • 2011 British Kyashar Expedition. £1,500. To make the first ascent, alpine-style, of the ~2000m South Pillar of Kyashar (6769m). Andy Houseman & Nick Bullock. Report.
  • 2012 Talung North Pillar Expedition. £1,500. To climb the Talung North Pillar in the Kangchenjunga Region, Nepal. Gavin Pike, James Clapham & Dave Searle. Report.
  • 2013 British Charakusa Expedition. £2,000. To attempt K6 West North Face, Link Sar North Face and other objectives in the Charakusa Valley, Karakoram, Pakistan.Jonathan Griffith with Andy Houseman. Report. Blog.
  • 2014 British Kyzyl Asker Expedition. £2,000. To attempt the East Face of Cerro San Lorenzo in Patagonia. Matt Helliker & Jon Bracey. Report..
  • 2015 British Sam Ford Fjord Expedition. £2,000. To free climb the Polar Sun Spire. Jacob Cook, Calum Muskett, Dave MacLeod, Alexander Buisse, Dave Rudkin & Ian Cooper
  • 2016 Chamlang North Ridge Expedition. £2,000. To make the first ascent of Chamlang North Ridge (7,319m) in the Nepal Himalaya. Andy Houseman and Jon Griffith. Report.
  • 2017 South Face of Huaguruncho (5730m), Peru. James Moneypenny & Harry Mcgie. £2,000

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