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How to Apply

Applications forms are available either on paper from the administrator (see contact details), or as electronic downloads available at the base of this page.If applying by mail a copy of the completed form (no more than three pages long) and of any supporting material (no more than two photographs and one map) must be returned by the 31st December. If applying electronically a copy of the completed form (which self restricts to a maximum of three pages) and of any supporting material (no more than two photographs and one map) must be emailed by the 31st January (IMPORTANT: see email rules at the base of this page).

The Trustees will announce their decision in February.

Other Considerations

Applications from expeditions to easily accessible areas (e.g. the Alps) or those with ill-defined objectives are unlikely to be successful. The Trustees will need to be satisfied that the expedition members have the necessary experience to attempt their objective.

The Trustees will also need to be satisfied that the expedition will make every reasonable effort to leave the mountain in its original state. Expeditions which carry bolts will not be considered.

The grant is not expected to form more than part of the expedition’s finances. The Trustees must be satisfied that other funds are available and that personal contributions are of a sufficient proportion. The application form must clearly describe the intended sources of finance or sponsorship for the expedition, particularly those which may have a bearing on the conduct of the expedition in the field.

The Award cannot provide assistance for expeditions that run into financial difficulties.

The award will be decided at the discretion of the trustees.

Award Conditions

  1. It is important that you know the current regulations of the country that you propose to visit. These may include payment of peak fees, deposit of customs bonds, insuring and equipping porters to a certain standard and employment of a liaison officer. It is a condition of making a grant that all such political requirements shall be satisfied.
  2. The Grant must be used solely to help finance the expedition and must be returned if the expedition is cancelled.
  3. Grants are made on the basis of the information given in the Application Form. After receipt of a grant, the expedition must obtain approval from the Trustees before making any significant changes to the plan as described (e.g. change of objective, team members, financial arrangements etc.). If the Trustees consider these changes have so altered the nature of the expedition as to make it no longer eligible for the Award, the expedition must return the grant.
  4. Following the return, the expedition must supply the Trustees with:
    1. A brief factual Report of the expedition containing an outline of its achievements and/or difficulties together with an account of expenses. (This must be supplied within six weeks)
    2. Followed by a full report before 31 December of the same year.
    3. This report must be supplied by email (see email rules below for guidance).
    4. The report will be made available on this web site on the 'Previous Winners' page.
  5. All reports and publications must acknowledge the support received from the Nick Estcourt Award.
  6. The expedition is expected to adhere to the UIAA Ethical Code for Expeditions and the spirit of the Kathmandu Declaration.
  7. The Expedition will be expected to obtain a copy of the newly adopted UIAA Mountain Ethics Declaration and abide by them.
  8. At least 50% of the applicants must be British and the expedition must have a British leader.

The grant is repayable if these conditions are not met.

Email Rules

  1. Returned Application forms should be in ONE of the following formats:
    1. Microsoft Word (filename.doc)
    2. Microsoft Works (filename.wpd)
    3. Adobe Acrobat (filename.pdf)
  2. Filename is defined as follows: Year_ExpeditionName_NEA_Application (for example : 1980_InternationalDhaulagiriExpedition_NEA_Application.doc)
  3. Relevant route maps, diagrams and photographs should be restricted to two photographs and one map.
    1. File type should be jpeg's, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works or Adobe Acrobat. Please seek advice if you have other formats.
    2. File size should be LESS than 1Mb.
    3. Filenames should be defined as follows: Year_ExpeditionName_NEA_Description.jpg where Description = a one or two word description of the document - e.g. Aerial_Photo

Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in documents being deleted without ever being seen by the Trustees and WILL affect your chances of securing a grant. If in doubt please seek advice.

Application Forms

Microsoft Word |Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

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